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Jimmy Mazzy was recently voted the No. 1 Trad Jazz banjoist, and No. 2 male singer in the Jazzology and Mississippi Rag readership polls. Jim has made more than 30 recordings independently and with Stomp-Off Records. These recordings have sold all over the world. For a list, go to Jimmy's Recordings.

They say: "a man is known by the company he keeps." For nearly 40 years Jim has been keeping company with a joyous crowd of kindred spirits, all dedicated to keeping alive the jazz traditions of the early 20th century.

Jimmy and his friends from Coast to Coast have steeped themselves in the music of jazz icons Louis Armstrong, Henry Red Allen, Bix Beiderbecke, and the many black and white dance bands of the period. His recognition in the Trad music scene today is largely the result of that dedication and the love they all share for this music.

Jim was a charter member of The Paramount Jazz Band of Boston, traveling to many Festivals in the US and England. With Eli Newberger, renowned Tubist of the New Black Eagles, he has appeared from Florida to Maine, from New York to Sacramento and in France. Jim is currently playing with Butch Thompson's band in appearances throughout the country.

Jim has been a popular guest with some of the great California bands including Dick Shooshan's The Golden Eagles, Ken Keeler's Devil Mountain Jazz Band, George Knoblauch's Black Diamond Blue Five, and the newly revived Professor Plum Jazz Band led by cornetist Phil Kirk. He has also played with Bob Schultz and other graduates of the Turk Murphy clan. He is a member of John Clark's Wolverine Jazz Band, a fine new Boston area band); Jeff Hughes's Brahmin Bellhops; and Alan Adam's (founder of the San Diego Jazz Festival) New Orleans Wanderers at the San Diego Festival.

At the Great Connecticut Jazz Festival of 2002, Jim further enhanced his international reputation with splendid outings with the Paris Washboard, Fenix (Argentina), and New Wolverines (Australia).

Jimmy is a regular with the Williams Reunion Jazz Band, whose core members are Williams College alumni from the late '50s. Not only do they play several events in Williamstown, they also do a "Spring Training" tour of the Vero Beach area of Florida every March. And this year the WRJB appeared at the Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Classic in Clearwater Beach, Florida the weekend of November 22, 2002. In addition to the seven sets played by the full band, "Jimmy Mazzy and Friends" gave two special performances. Here's a photo, with "best friend" Carrie Mazzy and friends John Bucher of the WRJB and trombonist Charlie Bornemann.

Jim's off-hand, beguiling personality coupled with his unique musical skills, has endeared him to musicians and fans in all walks of life and musical persuasions. Herb Pomeroy, a famous bebop trumpet player who also likes trad jazz, once asked Jim's wife, Carrie Mazzy: "Tell me, is Jim as marvelous a human being as he is a marvelous musician?" Yep. you bet.

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