The Ham Carson Quartet

"Quite simply, the best swing clarinetist in of Seattle's jazz treasures"
- Seattle Times

Hot swing music, live every Thursday, 7 - 10

New Orleans Restaurant
in Seattle's Historic Pioneer Square

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This quartet is available to play hot music
at any joyous occasion!
Weddings, Office Parties, Mortgage Payoffs, Divorces, Memorials, Political Nominations, Elections, Benefits, and other joyous events.
(206) 722-9070
Examples of the music are:
Hot tunes, "It Don't Mean a Thing if It Ain't Got That Swing"
Medium Swing, "Honeysuckle Rose"
Slow ballads, "Body and Soul"

Live appearances

'Joy of a Gig'
Vol I

'Joy of a Gig'
Vol II
Hey! Look at the great review by Ted des Plantes in the September 1999 issue of The Mississippi Rag. Thanks, Ted! (Reprinted with permission from The Mississippi Rag.)
CD's are available at the New Orleans Restaurant, by mail, or E-mail:

Hamilton Carson, 9733 Arrowsmith Ave, Seattle, WA 98118

Please email to Ham

Price: Fifteen Dollars plus Three for mailing.

...and thanks for visiting my website! Hope to see you at the New Orleans Restaurant.