The Green Collegians of Dartmouth College
The purpose of this website is to provide a forum for present and past members of the Green Collegians to exchange photos and reminiscences about the band, its music, its travels, and the good times we had.

The Green Collegians, 1949-1950
(Thanks to Tom Ruggles for this photo.)

Personnel: Walt Grevatt, '52, bass; Tom Ruggles, '50, drums; Dick Wright, '51, tpt; Charlie Clough, '52, tpt; Ron Thorburn, '51, tpt; Rusty Jackman, '52, tbone; Bob Pilsbury, '48, piano; Don Cook, sax; Frank Amick, '53, sax; Bill Farnham, '51, sax; Jack Bethel, '52, sax.

Ron Thorburn has just (April 2003) sent me 19 black & white photos of the Green Collegians of the early 1950s. I'm going to put the first one here, and then make a list of the others so that you can download them one at a time. They will appear in a new browser window. Use the BACK button to return to this list. I'll work with Ron on captions and identities...

What a treasure! Thanks, Ron!

GC No. 1
Here are links to the images:

GC No. 2
GC No. 3
GC No. 4
GC No. 5
GC No. 6
GC No. 7
GC No. 8
GC No. 9
Dick Wright
Bob Poor
Nan Warnock No. 1
Bob Pilsbury
Dance Card
Jack Bethel
Ambassadors No. 1
Group No. 2
Ambassadors No. 2
Nan Warnock No. 2

"Green Collegians" Play Happy Acres

One of the waiters, a girl nicknamed "Ceel" (I think), and me at the pool at Happy Acres. At right, postcard from Mike Biggs, July 29, 1951.

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