The Black Cat Jazz Band
Presents Its New CD:

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Yes, here it is: a CD of the "best" of the BCJB recordings previously presented on cassettes. Included is an eight-page insert with photos and bios of the band members. We will be selling these at concerts of the Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Society for $15 each, and you can order them by mail also for $16.50. Just make your check payable to the Black Cat Jazz Band, and contact us by email for the mailing address.

And here are some photos of the band:

The BCJB really likes Jerry's cars:The BCJB in Jerry's Red Car
In photo: Wheaton, Adkins, Swick, Johnson, Baby, Goldberg, Donahoe, Dragon      
The BCJB in Jerry's Cadillac
In photo: Adkins, Dragon, Oliveri, Donahoe, Wheaton, Swick, Baby, Keyser

For more information, email Jim at Jim's email.

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