Adney Genealogy (Partial), with details of the descendants of William, son of John, son of Thomas
Compiled by James W. Wheaton from the records of Edwin Tappan Adney

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Introduction by James W. Wheaton
January 2000 Rev. January 2002

Edwin Tappan Adney (1868-1950) devoted a great deal of time and effort during the early 1900s to researching the genealogy of the Adney family. His work was never published or made available to the general public, but it was the basis for additional research by John R. Adney of Miles, Iowa, and Mary Alice Claycombe Adney of Richmond, Indiana. Having access to Tappan Adney's original typescript, the revisions and additions made by John R. Adney, and Mary Alice Adney's publication "Adney Family Story" (1986), I am attempting to enter the basic genealogical data in Web-compatible files (using Reunion 5), and to add ETA's notes as appropriate. His total typescript is too long for use in these "Notes."

Because my primary interest is in writing his biography, I cannot pursue any genealogical activities at present (January 2002). Thus, I will present what I have done, but will not attempt to update the original work.

The first edition (January 2000) concentrated on the family of William III (Thomas I, John II), who was the founder of a large family of Adneys in western Wisconsin near Prairie du Chien, and across the river in the vicinity of McGregor, Iowa. I have also entered ETA's data on the descendants of Daniel, the founder of the Indiana branch, depending greatly on the work of Mary Alice Claycombe Adney. There are two sections to this: one with his first wife, and the other with his second wife, Susan.

Regarding the original Charles Adney, ETA says in his Preface, " that while the American branch of the Adneys begins at London in the person of Charles Adney, a shipbuilder, it is not of definite record as so far discovered, yet the fact is substantiated by the agreement among long separated different branches of the American Adneys. No other Adneys came to America until about the period 1900, and tradition in the London families is of one and only one who came to America, our ancestor Thomas by name, son of Charles aforesaid."

[However, an Adney name has been found in Canada before 1900, so ETA's conclusion here is not necessarily correct.]

ETA ended his Preface, "About the year 1921 the present historian found himself, after the Great War, in which he served as Lieutenant of Canadian Engineers, in an unfavorable position for publishing the results of extensive research, and from about that date no further inquiries were made to bring up to date individual family records.

Edwin Tappan Adney
Upper Woodstock, New Brunswick,
Canada, December 1940"

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