1 Daniel Adney
Birth 12 Jan 1777, Fincastle, Botetourte Co. Virginia
Death 1 May 1862, Abingdon, Union Co. Indiana
Burial Woods Chapel Cemetery
Father Thomas Adney
Mother Elizabeth Dunn

per Mary Alice Claycombe Adney, "Adney Family Story," (1986) "He is buried in Woods Chapel Cemetery (Methodist) which is two miles south and east of Philomath or 1 mile east and 1 mile north of Paddock's Ford in Union County, IN. Frank and Mary Alice Adney have seen the stone. It is large and his daughter Catherine is buried next to him. His stone reads d. May 2, 1862 aged 85 yrs., 3 mo., 2 dys. Also buried in this cemetery are M. M. Dunn wife of Elijah Johnson d. 6-1-1852 age 24 and Thos. Dunn d. 1-29-1844 age 40. Could these be any relation to Elizabeth Dunn Adney--mother of Daniel?"

Mary Alice C. Adney has transcribed Daniel's will and the inventory of his estate in her book.
Spouse Anna Koger
Death 1843
Burial on the Jarvis Place, on the East Fork of Whitewater
Father Peter Koger (per info from Dee Coger Bright)
Mother Mary McElwain
Married 1781, Franklin County, VA
Children Sarah (1798-1845)
Mary (Polly) (1800-1877)
John D. (1803-1871)
Anna (Died as Child)
Elizabeth (1807-1886)
Rebecca (1811-1869)
Jacob (1814-1862)
Isaac (-1844)
Miriam (-1837)
Catherine (1828-1861)

Other spouses Susan Alexander

1.1 Sarah Adney
Birth 5 Sep 1798, Franklin County, VA
Death 14 Aug 1845

Tappan Adney gives Sarah's date of birth as September 5, 1796. However, in her book "Adney Family Story" (1986 - no longer in print), Mary Alice Claycombe Adney says: "According to family tradition Daniel moved with his family to Adney Gap, VA ca. 1798. Marriage records of Franklin County, VA, seen by Mary Alice and Frank Adney in 1976 show that Daniel and Anna Coger were married by Jacob Miller Feb. 13, 1798." Therefore, I am showing Sarah's date of birth as September 5, 1798 to fit (barely) their date of marriage.

ETA says: "This Sally probably the Sally Adney of the Botetourte Co., VA courthouse records, who mar. May 8, 1818 Joseph Grist, ceremony by Rev. John Helens; Anna (Adney) Hays appearing on the marriage-bond as surety for said Grist. As her father left Virginia 'about a year after the Rineharts, namely 'about 1818', Grist either died soon after his marriage or went to Ohio and died there, the fact of a first marriage not being in the Adney-Rinehard record."
Spouse Peter Rinehart
Birth 10 Jul 1801, Rockingham County, VA
Death 10 Jun 1876
Father Peter Rinehart
Mother Margaret
Marr 1817, Preble County, Ohio

1.2 Mary (Polly) Adney
Birth 6 Dec 1800
Death 7 Dec 1877
Burial "Chicago Graveyard", Henry Co., IN

"buried in 'Chicago Graveyard' Henry Co., Indiana" ETA
Spouse Jacob Rinehart
Birth 12 Dec 1797
Death 4 Aug 1847, Henry Co., IN
Father Peter Rinehart
Mother Margaret
Marr 1820, Preble County, Ohio
Children Nancy (1821-1843)
Margaret (1824-1895)
Daniel (1825-1856)
Mary (1828-1899)
Sally B. (1831-)
Nettie (Died as Infant)
Rebecca (Died as Infant)
Susan (1833-)

1.2.1 Nancy Rinehart
Birth 13 Oct 1821, Kosciusco Co., IN
Death 28 May 1843
Spouse Absolom Chambers
Marr 5 Nov 1840
Children May Jane (1841-) May Jane Chambers
Birth 3 Nov 1841, Henry Co., IN
Spouse Riley McShirley

1.2.2 Margaret Rinehart
Birth 8 Jul 1824, Preble County, Ohio
Death 29 Oct 1895
Spouse Solomon Lewis
Death 18 Dec 1895
Marr 1 Feb 1841
Children Christina (1841-)
Jacob (1847-1847)
Isabella (1851-1874)
Amanda (1854-)
Leander (1857-)
Melsonia (1859-1884)
Daniel (1862-) Christina Lewis
Birth 11 Aug 1841

"addr: Warren, Huntington Co., Ind." ETA
Spouse Peter Rinehart
Birth 26 Feb 1839
Father Daniel Rinehart (1808-1863)
Mother Elizabeth Adney (1807-1886)
Marr 23 Dec 1863
Children Margaret Elizabeth (1867-1870)
Mary Amanda (1871-)
Laura Minerva (1874-)
Eli M. (1876-)
Andrew (1884-) Jacob Lewis
Birth 13 Jan 1847
Death 23 Apr 1847 Isabella Lewis
Birth 19 Feb 1851
Death 7 Mar 1874 Amanda Lewis
Birth 25 Nov 1854 Leander Lewis
Birth 25 Dec 1857 Melsonia Lewis
Birth 28 Oct 1859
Death 15 Nov 1884 Daniel Lewis
Birth 23 Aug 1862

1.2.3 Daniel Rinehart
Birth 25 Dec 1825
Death 1 May 1856

1.2.4 Elizabeth Rinehart


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