Daughter of Adena
Margaret Worthington's Personal Papers - Chillicothe, Ohio - 1836 - 1839

      Margaret Worthington (1811-1863) was one of the daughters of Thomas Worthington (1773-1827), acclaimed as "the father of Ohio statehood." In Daughter of Adena, her early diary and love letters are edited and fully annotated by Charlotte W. Wells, with Laura R. Prieto and Jennifer C. Davis.

      Daughter of Adena introduces readers to the rich tapestry of Margaret's many relationships and furnishes fascinating source material for students of family life, wedding customs and other mores in Ohio between the Revolution and the Civil War.

       According to Cheryl Lugg, Curator of History, Ohio Historical Society, "Daughter of Adena adds so much to the literature of antebellum elite women, their reactions, habits, worries, chores, etc. Your sensitive treatment of Margaret Worthington's letters makes her, 200 years later, a window to the past. The presentation, bibliography and index make it a thoroughly usable and useful book."

      The book has 246 pages, with a reproduction of a painting of Adena on its cover and 22 illustrations. It contains an introduction, an appendix, a bibliography and an index. Daughter of Adena was published by Gail H. Bickford, Freedom Press Associates, Freedom, New Hampshire. ISBN 0-945-069-22-7. Copyright 2005 Charlotte W. Wells.


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